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Posted on 26 April 2007 at 20:37:51 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Mining 300 to 375 Powerlvl Guide

300 - 330

Mining Fel Iron
Estimated number of nodes to mine = 30

Mining mainly Fel Iron.

Start at the Dark Portal and face nor, north-west. Following the edge of theworld round in an anti-clockwise fashion round the back of the Dark Portal andloop round. Continue following the edge of the world and end up in Void Ridge.Either take the small valley shortcut to Zeth'Gor or continue on round themountains and loop back south to Zeth'Gor that way. Follow the mountain linedown to Spinebreaker Post and onto the Expedition Armoury. Follow the edge ofthe owrld until you reach the where the Ravagers are and then head north. Stayto the eastern side of the broken walls leading to Hellfire Citadel and thendrop down and back up when you reach the Citadel proper. Continue north,skirting round Thrallmar on the western side until you reach the edge of theworld again. If your Horde, head back through Thrallmar and then north up intothe Forge camps. If your Alliance, head south past Thrallmar and loop back up tothe Forge Camps. From here head east, following the mountains and then south. Ifyour really daring (read: suicidal) then head up onto the Abssyal Shelf and mineall the nodes there. If your flying, there is normally one or two nodes that youcan get to without dying, but to be honest it isn't really worth the effort.
Now head back to the Dark Portal to complete your circuit.

Start at the entrance to Zangarmarsh and head north round all the elite giants(really need to be level 68+ to avoid too much aggro) and loop east to theTemple of Telhamat. If your Alliance, ride/fly straight past. Horde should justdetour slightly round to the south. Now head up into Mag'har Post and back downand around in The Pools of Aggonar. Complete a circuit of the pools and thenhead south to the Citadel. Drop down and then back up again and head toward thesouth eastern edge of The Great Fissure. Do a quick clockwise circuit of TheGreat Fissure and then head south and up into the Stonescythes main nestingarea. Drop down into the Den Haal'esh and then north and east, following themountains along to the Ruins of Sha'Naar.

You could also carry on mining Thorium. Rich Thorium viens will still be greenuntil about 340. So refer back to the 1 to 300 guide for routes.

330 - 355
Mining Fel Iron and Adamantite
Estimated number of nodes to mine = 25

Move onto Nagrand for Adamantite mining and more Fel Iron mining.

Start at the entrance to Terokkar Forest and head west past Kil'Sorrow Fortressand round the back of Telaar and onto Oshu'gun. Follow the mountains round andupto the Ancestral Grounds. Now head east following the road down towards Telaar.Head east before Telaar and drop down into the valley that leads toward the Ringof Trials. Carry on heading east to the Windy Reed Village then head south andcontinue past the Burning Blade Ruins and back to your strating point.

Start at the entrance to Zangarmarsh and head east past the Laughing Skull Ruinsand on toward the Throne of Elements. If your flying, scope out the ElementalPlateau for the nodes that spawn there. Now head back tot eh north side ofGaradar and head towards Halaa. Drop down into the valley and pick up the nodesin the cave and then back up into Sunspring Post. Head towards the AncestralGrounds and then north past the Forge Camps and up to Warmaul Hill. It's worthgoing through the main cave in Warmaul Hill as there is nearly always 2-4 nodesin there.

355 - 375
Mining Fel Iron and Adamantite
Estimated nymber of nodes to mine = 30

You can stay in Nagrand and repeat the above routes, but this time picking upall the Rich adamantite nodes you had to leave or you could:

Move onto Shadowmoon Valley.
Easiest route is to just follow the main road round in a circuit. Simple really,but I'll list a couple of the shorter routes I do as well, which really requirea flying mount.

Starting at the Sanctum of the Stars, head south following the Path of Conquestto the edge of the world. Now go south east and over to Netherwing Ledge. Do aquick circuit and head back towards Dragonmaw Fortress area. Aim towards theWardens Cage and then back down to the Snactum of the Stars.

Start at the entrance to Terokkar Forest and head north past Shadowmoon Villageand onto Coilskar point. There is a cave here that normally has at least onenode in, but I don't normally bother. Fly up to the Shattered Fields and thenround the back of the Altar of Sha'tar. Now aim towards the Coilskar's to thesouth of Sha'tar and loop round The Hand of Gul'dan and onto The Deathforge. Ifind it's worth the effort to clear all the mobs inside for the number of nodesthat are normally there, but you may not want to be bothered. Now head southwest to Illidari Point and then north to the Legion Hold and back to where youstarted.


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